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Hello I am John and I live on an Island  in The South Pacific and for a good 8 years {it will not take you that long}

I was trying to figure out what you have to do to make passive income on the Internet. I did have some success which kept me motivated but I would never have kept going other than the fact that I am retired and I enjoy working on the Internet. I recommend that you see either or both of these films money never sleeps or wall street  better still {buy both of them} as pictured on the left they gave me motivation.

Don’t let anyone tell you that making money online is easy because it isn’t. You will be tempted by all those so called experts who will try to get you to buy the very latest thing that will have you up and running in 10 to 15 minutes. When you buy those simple to use software’s you then realize that there is a steep learning curve. so now you have to do things that you have never heard of before and you are left there scratching your head looking for inspiration. We all have to go through this as it is all part of the learning process. If you spend too much time learning and very little time selling then that equals little or no money.

It can be very frustrating as the hours pass into days weeks months and you are left wondering is it all worth while. Some sellers of various programs will tell you to find a niche that has little or no competition and you will dominate it. In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth. Yes you could find a niche such as how do hermit crabs mate with each other. The easy answer might be with great difficulty but does anyone really care anyway. This is like going fishing in the small pond at the end of your garden or fishing in a tiny stream where there are loads of tiddlers.

The answer is to fish in the ocean where all the big fish are such as weight loss – body building – slimming just to name a few. So you may say but those markets are saturated and nothing could be further from the truth as the demand is way beyond the supply. So what I am saying is that you go where the money is. That is the whole point of online marketing and that is to make money.

But the good news is that it is all worth while. Passive income from the Internet can be very lucrative. When the money starts coming in it can be very exciting. Those that are very successful make thousands of dollars every week so it’s all about finding out how to do it. One of the ways of doing this is to put as many of your links out there as possible and I dont just mean 10 or 20. Anything up to 100 and beyond. Think of it that you are fishing all on your own with one line in the water. But if you had loads of other lines in the water don’t you think that would increase your chances.

Review videos are very good and they can have a long life so start doing review videos because this is just one of the many ways to get passive income. Upload your reviews to you tube and direct people back to your website. If you are new to making money online then all this can be a bit daunting. You have to learn a lot of things but it is very much worth it.

A lot more to do.

Depending on whether you are new to online marketing or not you will enjoy taking part in this experience. Internet sales show no signs of slowing down and they are predicted to keep on growing into the future. You see people like to shop from the comfort of there own home and who can blame them. Given the choice I will go online to shop but do not misunderstand me yes I like going out but it can be very time consuming as the hours go by with all that endless walking around. When you finally get home you are tired and can you really motivate yourself to do anything as the best part of the active day has gone. Of course the other reason why Internet Shopping has taken off is that you will often buy things cheaper online. Online sellers do not have all the expenses that your high street shops have.

The big stores and many of them closing down.

Yes I can remember shopping with my Mother back in the fifties and sixties but those days are long gone. I am giving my age away here. When we got home we were worn out from all the walking up and down the streets. No supermarkets back then so lots of small shops selling one thing or another. But now we can buy fish – meat – vegetables – pharmacy items – toys for children – clothes etc etc and have a relaxing place to have coffee and something to eat. Guess what it gets even better because for a small fee you can shop online and they will deliver whatever you want and it does not get better than this.

While we do not want to see large outlets or small ones closing down but we have to live in the real world because online shopping is where its at and it is what it is. You cannot turn the clock back so do not fight with it, work with it. You will make money online even while you sleep and there has never been a better time to do this than right now.

Something every entrepreneur knows.ou have got to spend money to make money and you need to accept this. Having said this it does not mean that you must spend loads of money. There is a lot of FREE stuff out there which is very good. 

This is the mindset that you need ⇒ 

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